• We know your grandparents still love the feel of delicious paper (even though they can email)! Twisted Limb Paperworks offers the most beautiful Handmade Paper by the Sheet. Let them say Thank YouHello… or I Love You on Valentine’s Day with the most exquisite recycled paper.
  • Is your grandparent still kinda clueless when it comes to Green Living? Help ’em out with Go Green Gift’s Eco Starter Kit. HOW and WHY become as easy as changing a light bulb!
  • Let your grandparents relax at night (hey, they’re grandparents… even morning or afternoon) with a delicious cup of tea. And what better teas to give them than Choice Organic Teas this Valentine’s Day. Perfectly balanced. Perfectly brewed. Perfect way to say I Love You!
  • Everyone loves a Valentine’s Day treat, especially your beloved grandparents! Send them an Organic Valentine Fruit Crate from Got Fruit. Fruits, cookies and chocolate will surely delight and capture their hearts… and palates!
  • Not that you want to think of your grandparents in bed all day… and we mean together! But when they do get up for the morning newspaper and cup of coffee, let them do it in style and comfort with Organic Style’s Sateen White Robe. Fabulous.

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